Sniper: Ghost Warrior (Xbox 360) Review

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior (Xbox 360) Review

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Every gamer loves to take the role of a Sniper. Taking aim, holding your breath, steady, steady … waiting for the exact right moment, then wham … death from above. Very few gaming experiences are as exhilarating as taking out a target from long distance. I was excited when this game landed in my lap.

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Sniper Ghost Warrior is created by Polish developer City Interactive – a software company better known for for creating low budget children’s titles. First impressions are good however as it is based on Techland’s impressive Chrome Engine – seen before in Call Of Juarez. The environments are sprawing vistas which impress, even if there are many little lighting glitches and flickering shadows seen throughout. This sadly is only the beginning of the problems.

As a sniper, the main task of the game is obviously to take out your enemies from afar, and City Interactive have been touting a complex trajectory system in place – meaning gravity, wind speed affect the bullet path. You can imagine my surprise when I first played this game to find out I wasn’t experiencing any of this. A little red dot on the screen was doing all the work for me, and I eventually found out that the game needed toggled to a higher difficulty level. Unfortunately I found the wind speed varied so much that it was basically impossible to get in a perfect shot – perhaps this is how it is for a real sniper, but it doesn’t really translate particularly well to a console game.

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The game starts with you placed in a tricky situation, having to hide from a surrounding guard patrol. A white dot appears guiding your direction and you are quickly told to hide in some bushes to avoid being seen. Another white dot appears when you reach the first one and we tried to charge to reach it again very quickly, being spotted immediately and killed almost as quickly – next time we stayed put and also got killed, for no reason I could notice. It took some time to realise that a specific location was needed to be successful.

One of the biggest failings is the titles tightly scripted nature … this is not at all how I would have expected a Sniper based title to handle – I can appreciated being tasked to a location, but I would like to be able to hide elsewhere and peruse my surroundings before rushing into a predefined spot.

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Graphically as we mentioned earlier, the engine is very pretty to look at as it is based on the versatile Techland Chrome code, however there are so many distracting little glitches throughout that I would have at least expected City Interactive to spend a little more time tidying it up. The rocks in sunlight for instance look like they are covered in plastic clingfilm. The audio is top drawer and although some of the voice acting is slightly substandard, for the most part it would hold its own against any A list title on the market.

The biggest issue I have is with the gameplay – it is too heavily scripted with predefined paths and routes to take you exactly to your goal. Then once you get there you pay penalties for trying the end result your own way, you must strictly adhere to the developers rule book or the mission is over. One of the missions in which I was told to mark several snipers from long distance failed dramatically when I ran out of time. Eventually I marked them both and found when I returned to kill the second he had vanished. This wouldn’t be so bad, however air support was coming, and unless I killed both beforehand the game was over. Infinite loop ensued before I quit to try again.

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The enemy artifical intelligence is also shockingly bad as they often wander across the dead bodies of their friends hopelessly clueless to the pools of blood everywhere. Checkpoints are also set far too long apart so if you die you have to traipse through miles of environment to reach your last point.

For those of you expecting to see a Call Of Duty style sniper game, you will be sorely disappointed as the pacing is wrong, the graphics are wonky in parts and the game  sometimes just doesn’t work. I had wanted a mission based game which was freeroaming in nature so I could hide, sneak and pick off the targets as I wished, but sadly this is as far from what I expected that I find it impossible to recommend. One I would avoid.

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  • Anthony Webber
    July 5, 2010
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    Dude what on earth are you talking about is your job to review games because if it is you suck at it. this game is awesome from the start yes there are minor graphics issues but what are you talking about with the wind and not being able to make the shots? that just means your bad at the game. for a first xbox 360 release for these developers they have done a fantastic job. i completed it on hard difficulty in 7 hours on my first playthrough so its not overly difficult either.

  • DazT
    July 5, 2010
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    I have to say for all its faults and there are a few, I’m really enjoying it. On Hard its a proper challenge and graphically its on a par with Far Cry 2, it weakest moments are the Delta force ones, why did they think an oil rig level was a good idea after MW2?. However the sniping levels are fun, the bullet cam headshots never get old and the MP is fun (needs more maps) if you like a slower shooter.

    For a budget title you can trade in two or three weeks and get some of the cash back I can’t see you going to far wrong with this one.

    July 7, 2010
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    I have had the game two days and have found myself shouting at the TV. I have found that I can be at the base of a hill with a tree behind me in the prone position and the enemy is 150 yards, and I can’t see through the blades of grass and legs on the raised building yet they can see me. Yet on another part of that same mission I can cross the road in the standing position with an enemy walking towards me at 60 yards with an open background and he wont shoot and keep walking.
    One thing a sniper does is to relocate after a shot so the enemy wont now were the shot came from and not be able to establish your position. This does not work in the game as again I move from my first shoot position out of sight move across the bank of a hill get into the prone position and move to the edge of the hill. Even with more hill behind me and that I am under the biggest pile of long grass I can see the pick me up no problems. I feel like I am wearing a bright suit of LED lights than a Gillie suit.
    I hated the part of the game on the oilrig, as I didn’t wont to be part of the attack squad. I play COD to do that, and the game play on this part of the game was clunky and watching your teammates shouting from the hip at points, which looked terrible, just goes to prove why they could not hit anything. Also they would move forward in the game so you would follow to be met by one or two of the troops they just ran past and carried on.
    Movement in the game is not the best and the distance the gun moves from standing to prone position doesn’t look right. Also the climbing up hills and the movement between land and water is really bad every were in the game even the direction game tells you to move to, the terrain is not fluid and not easy to move around quick or quietly as you may need to jump to get your self free.

  • mad1milo
    September 22, 2010
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    i agree it is poor i have bin savein for a very long time 2 get this game. i have had all the probs samw1ze has had and also i would shoot sum1 in the head only to miss now tellin me i must not be good then think again im not sayin im great but i used there red dot and still missed yet other times spot on i hope they make a secound 1 and fix all probs nd have missions were we can free roam nd do missions as we wish like a real sniper would do.

  • bazzajaytee
    January 6, 2011
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    what the hell is wrong with the reveiws?!? i mean its a great game and i love it, and all these reviews are sayin it sucks. the graphics are great and the gameplay is epic. But what is sad is adults who live with grandmas are getting annoyed at the game and saying its bad. well, by the way you turned out it looks like youve been wrong before

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