No Porsche for Forza

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No Porsche for Forza

This is just a short note to make you guys aware that FORZA MOTORSPORT 4 IS NOT GOING TO HAVE A PORSCHE. Why? Because of stupid licensing issues.

You see, while Microsoft, the publisher behind Forza, holds the exclusive license for all Ferrari cars on PC and Xbox 360, EA has all the Porsches. While Microsoft is happy for all other developers to feature Ferraris, EA is not. The two sides negotiated extensively (with their lawyers), but failed to reach an agreement. You can read more on the game’s website.

There were 35 Porsches in Forza 3.

This comes on the back of all the mudslinging between EA and Activision. Suddenly, everyone’s favourite company starts to look like an industry bully.

Forza series is loved for its impressive damage models and the ability to customize cars. Forza Motorsport 4 will be released in Europe on October 14 as an Xbox 360 exclusive.

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