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Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic movies are by far my most preferred type.  The sheer chaos and lack of rules set these movies apart from others in within the action genre, bringing a new definition to humanity and brutality.   Movies like I Am Legend, 2012, Independence Day, The Book of Eli, War of the Worlds…they show the great lengths people will go to benefit mankind or help destroy it.  That being said, I was thrilled to learn another post-apocalyptic game will be released early next year.

I Am Alive takes place in Chicago a year after an apocalyptic event that destroyed most of the world.  It focuses on a man (Adam Collins) attempting to survive in a desolate world alongside his daughter while searching for his wife.   Along the way, you help survivors in an attempt to get help from government rescue teams.  You also meet others focused on aiding survivors – Riley, whose main goal is to save survivors; former soldier Virgil, protector of the survivors; and disabled ex-fire captain Peter, initiator of the refugee camp.  As the game takes place in a barren city, weapons and resources are few and far between.

i am alive artwork I Am Alive

I Am Alive screenshot.

Although the cause of the world’s destruction is initially unknown, more is revealed throughout the course of the game from the first-person perspective, allowing you “to witness first-hand the city collapsing around you.”  In addition, unloaded guns can be used to intimidate looters.  There is also the possibility of others attacking you from behind while you’re focused on your target, adding a very real element to the game.  Since the game is rated “M,” you can be sure the developers won’t hold anything back in terms of the violence that would inevitably result from the life and death decisions of a post-apocalyptic world.

wallpaper i am alive 03 1 I Am Alive

Helping a survivor?

Although not much is known of the plot or the gameplay, it has been released that much of the game will be in the third person with first person perspective for aiming.  Your character can also climb building…in fact, climbing and exploring are key elements of the game.  However, the energy expended on these activities must be monitored, as survival can be maintained only through careful use of energy.

i am alive trailer I Am Alive

Scaling buildings.

KitGuru says: I Am Alive caught our attention despite the lack of detail released thus far.  We look forward to learning more about the Event that caused the collapse of the world and seeing what comes of Adam Collins and his family.  How many of you are likely to get I Am Alive next year?

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