Asura’s Wrath – Cheesy or Awesome?

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Asura’s Wrath – Cheesy or Awesome?

Asura’s Wrath will quite possibly be the most insane game of 2012.  Absolute rage, battles with monstrous gods, truly intense gameplay.  You can’t even begin to comprehend the complete madness of this game without seeing the trailers. Asura’s Wrath is almost indescribable…I mean, this crazy-eyed metal looking god towers over the Earth and uses the tip of his monstrous finger to attack.

The premise of Asura’s Wrath is quite interesting – you play a god, Asura, “stripped of his powers,” seeking revenge on various gods.  Asura channels his rage to aid him in his fight against the deities as he tries to save his daughter, Mithra, from the Seven Deities.  Long, long ago (many thousands of years), Asura was accused of the Emperor’s murder and returned home to find his daughter kidnapped and his wife, Durga, murdered.  He discovers that his fellow gods have Mithra trapped in a glass capsule.  Despite his best efforts, Asura is attacked by the god Deus and falls to Earth, having discovered that Deus killed the Emperor in order to bring about “The Great Rebirth.”  A young girl’s prayers awaken Asura 12,000 years later (now that’s what I call sleeping in!), and he saves the girl from “ape-like creatures.”  The Seven Deities against whom Asura seeks vengeance have enhanced strength due to Mithra’s powers.  Eventually, Asura’s war friend, Yasha, also joins in the fight against the deities.  Kasuhiro Tsuyachiya, producer of Asura’s Wrath says, “Asura’s Wrath takes elements from Asian mythology and blends them with science fiction.”

asuras wrath god attacking earth Asura’s Wrath – Cheesy or Awesome?

Yup, sci fi elements are prevalent.

The game is a bit cheesy at points (ex. screaming comparable to Vader’s ridiculous “Nooo!” in Episode III, the enemy growling, “Do you think a mere monkey like you can defeat a god!?” though it’s probably the voice acting that really pushes it over the edge to supreme cheesiness).  Overall Asura’s Wrath looks fun.  I mean, who doesn’t like hack and slash games?  Director Seiji Shimoda says the primary focus of gameplay is fury, as it is “a very native emotion in all humans” and will help set Asura’s Wrath apart from other games of the genre.  Asura’s Wrath definitely encapsulates fury, there’s no doubt about that.  Asura is an absolute frenzy of rage.  You will feel an immense sense of power while playing the game, pelting monstrous enemies with fireballs, spawning extra arms to brutally attack.  Gameplay is very interactive, as you must time the buttons that flash across the screen to avoid attacks.  There are also points where you must press buttons repeatedly to lift heavy objects or increase your attack power.  Experience the full fourteen minute trailer for yourself – from the cheesy voice to awesome gameplay.  It is quite something.  This trailer is complete insanity – rage in its primal form.

9fdb31abb4ecdde08c6cdd8d37d92135 Asura’s Wrath – Cheesy or Awesome?

Certainly doesn't look as though Asura has been stripped of his powers!

KitGuru says: Asura’s Wrath has a release date of February 21st for North America, and February 24th for Europe.  What do you think?  Cheesy or brilliant?  We at KitGuru can’t wait to see what reviewers think of the madness that is Asura’s Wrath.

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