Minecraft passes 8 million sales mark

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Minecraft passes 8 million sales mark

Just over three and a half years since it was originally released in its very basic alpha form, Minecraft, the brainchild of Marcus ‘Notch’ Persson, has passed eight million sales –  a figure that would be impressive even the game wasn’t originally created by one man.

Minecraft hasn’t just crept over the line either, with 7.9 million sales when it was first released and a couple of people buying t it today. No, in the announcement for the 8 million threshold, Mojang even missed the 8 millionth buyer and only got a screenshot after 139 people had surpassed it. In the 24 hours before the screenshot was taken over 11,000 people bought it. This time last year, only four million people had bought the game – meaning four million people have bought the game at its full price. That’s not those that got in early at £8 or those that got in a bit after that during the beta, but the full price buyers.

minecraftsales Minecraft passes 8 million sales mark

8 million, quite a MINEstone... get it? Milestone, minestone, Minecraft.

Lets extrapolate this further into the money that Minecraft has made Mr Persson and his company. Back in April 2011 he said that it had made over £20 million, from 800,000 sales of the alpha and a million of the beta. That was 6 million buyers ago. Add in the merchandising, which now offers clothing, peripherals, lego, foam weaponry, notebooks, magnets and more and it doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to assume that this little indi game with graphics that harken back well over a decade, has made over £100 million.

KitGuru Says: That’s some crazy big numbers for a little indi developer.

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