Turning the Wii U into a mobile home console

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Turning the Wii U into a mobile home console

While the Wii U might already be selling like proverbial cakes of an above average temperature, it has some other uses that might lead to some extra sales if Nintendo plays it right. One such use is as a home console on the move.

Ok so you need a power outlet, but other than that you’re all set. This is because the Gamepad has a built in display, so how about taking it on the train? That’s what one Japanese importer did, when he hooked up his Wii U to the outlet next to his seat on the Bullet Train and there he was, playing a Wii U on the move.

wiiugaming1 Turning the Wii U into a mobile home console

A little elaborate, but no more bulky than a big gamer laptop

He was able to connect online too, using his mobile phone as a WiFi hub. Theoretically he could have played something competitive like Call of Duty.

Considering the Wii U isn’t a big console either, there is some potential here for those long journeys. Hooking one up for the kids in a car wouldn’t be that hard with a voltage converter. As NintendoLife points out, its probably not worth it for a quick 30 minute commute, but if you have a good few hours to kill and you want to play your latest game, why not.

The Wii U is set for release in Europe on the 30th of November.

KitGuru Says: Would any of you consider doing this with your Wii U?

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