Destiny of Zorro – 505 Games promotes a Video Contest

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Destiny of Zorro – 505 Games promotes a Video Contest

The game publisher 505 Games has today started the YouTube contest “I am Zorro”, one of its last games. Users will have to challenge by uploading videos that show their most original and creative moves inspired by the Hollywood icon, Zorro.

If you want to participate, you’ll just have to make your video and upload it on by 11:59 p.m. PDT on June 1, 2009. And if you’re lucky enough, you can win the grand prize of a Destiny of Zorro home entertainment system, including a 32” Vizio HDTV, a Nintendo Wii console, and of course a copy of the Destiny of Zorro video game for the Wii.

In the details, the video must be 90 seconds long top, and has to show the legendary Z-slash moves of the popular Hollywood icon, Zorro. Furthermore, users will have to create a Zorro costume, with his cape and mask, an appropriate make-up and the several props representing the legendary knight. The competitors will get a score, based upon their interpretation, for each of the following categories, totalling from 1 to 100:

  • Creativity: 40 points
  • Originality: 30 points
  • Personality: 15 points
  • Display of emotion: 15 points

Contestants will have to make Zorro’s personality emphatic and fierce, as well as to infuse emotion into their moves.

If you don’t know the game, "Destiny of Zorro" is a new action-adventure videogame for the Nintendo Wii, featuring the legendary knight Zorro. Plauers will transform into Zorro and use the exclusive properties by the Nintendo controller to slice and perform the typical Z-Slash move, to bring his foes to justice.

The game lets you play in both daylight and nighttime scenes, with a further excitement brought to the different environments. Featuring an exciting new story and characters, The Destiny of Zorro will lead you to an epic, intriguous and surpriseful adventure.

The Destiny of Zorro is rated E10+ by the ESRB, and will be available for Nintendo Wii on May 5, 2009. For further information, please visit

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