Bubble Bobble Plus! and Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! – Announced for WiiWare

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Bubble Bobble Plus! and Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! – Announced for WiiWare

Square Enix Ltd., publisher for Square Enix in Europe and other PAL countries has today announced the release of two WiiWare titles by Taito: Bubble Bobble Plus! and Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure!

Square Enix Ltd. president and chief executive officer, John Yamamoto, said_ “Whether playing for the first time or reliving fond memories, Bubble Bobble Plus! and Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! are two colourful new additions to WiiWare that will provide fun for all ages.”

Bubble Bobble Plus!

Bubble Bobble was first released in 1986, instantly getting the top of arcade games. The new Bubble Bobble Plus! adds the original game a four-multiplayer mode and a global ranking system, offering 400 funny rounds, including all the game modes.

The characters will remain the same as in the classic game, while new enemies have been introduced to (try to) stop them. Twin Bubble Dragons Bub and Bob will have to save their girlfriends, trapped in the Cave of Monsters. Pushing and bursting bubbles will be the only way to defeat enemies, solve the different mysteries in each and every round, and destroy the final boss.

These are some of the features of the game:

  • 200 rounds provided in Standard Mode and Super Standard Mode.
  • Defeat new bosses and explore all-new maps with the 200 rounds in Arrange Mode and Super Arrange Mode, discovering clues in each round to unravel a hidden story.
  • Experience four-person multiplayer gameplay for the first time in BUBBLE BOBBLE history.
  • Challenge high scores around the world in Ranking Mode and become the best BUBBLE BOBBLE Plus! player in the world!
  • Download two Expert modes as add-on content for 100 extra rounds.

The game will be available to download from April 10th 2009.

Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure!

One year after Bubble Bobble was released, in 1987 TAITO published another succesful arcade game, Rainbow Islands.

Bub and Bob will return in their human form for a new adventure, now provided with great new skills. They’ll have to climb the top of Rainbow Tower, borrowing the mystical powers of Rainbow magic, in order to defeat the evil Dr. Crescent and get to the top of Rainbow Tower. Here, they’ll meet Holly’s Comet, who will make any dreams of theirs come true.

In the game, you will have to:

  • Clear seven uninterrupted Areas in Story Mode before reaching the top, where you will finally get to meet the rainbow-coloured Holly’s Comet.
  • Improve your speed on Challenge Mode. Start from the ground and climb the Rainbow Tower as fast as you can!
  • Challenge your skills on Time Attack Mode, choosing from the toughest levels. Make sure you avoid all Dr. Crescent’s monsters or your time will decrease faster!
  • Use a full range of Rainbow magic. Use rainbows to attack, shield you from enemies and to jump to reach the top of Rainbow Tower.

Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! will be released during May 2009.

For further information about Taito, please visit http://www.taito.com/.

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