Nintendo Wii 2 Stream leaks to the media

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Nintendo Wii 2 Stream leaks to the media

We here at Kitguru have published a couple of articles regarding delays with upcoming Sony and Microsoft consoles, as well as information on the new Wii 2 console codenamed Project Cafe. Additionally, over the course of the weekend, our sources have also discovered it might be using Screen Stream Controllers. Essentially this will allow games to be streamed directly to a multicolour touchscreen on the controller itself.

stream1 Nintendo Wii 2 Stream leaks to the media

The image above was posted on a forum called NeoGAF, and reportedly a leaked mock-up image of what this new system will look like. The controllers display will support 1080p and will be able to separate split screens. We are told up to 4 split screens can be separated, and the panes displayed on the controllers individually. Under the hood the Wii 2 will be powered by triple core Intel based CPU, and a revamped version of AMD’s R700 GPU for graphics. The console package is estimated to retail in the 350 – 400USD range. We will keep you Kitguru’s posted when more information becomes available.

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