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  • Gamestop prediction: only one next gen console in 2013

    1 CommentsPosted by on September 4, 2012 under Featured
    Gamestop's CEO Paul Raines has been speaking about the next generation line up of consoles and his predictions for their release dates - something that has so far remained largely speculative. Granted that's like all Mr Raine is going on also, but he's in a better position than most to guess. According to rumours he's heard circulating and his own thoughts, Mr Raines believes that while we'll c... more.
  • Sony Closes Psygnosis

    0 CommentsPosted by on August 22, 2012 under Featured, PC Gaming, Playstation, PS2 News
    Psygnosis, renamed to SCE Studio Liverpool in the early 2000s, has been officially closed by parent company Sony. For those of you recognising the logo but not necessarily the name, this is the company that made Lemmings, Destruction Derby, Wipeout, Wiz 'n' Liz and a huge library of other games. Just look at the list at the bottom of the studio's Wikipedia entry. This is one of the world's long... more.
  • California – A Land of Golden Opportunity for Careers in Gaming

    0 CommentsPosted by on May 4, 2012 under PC Gaming, PC News
    It’s no secret that California (and more specifically Silicon Valley) is home to some of the most influential companies in the world…Google, Yahoo, eBay, Netflix – each play a significant role in shaping global business, and Californian manpower is equally as prominent within the video game industry. Many prominent game studios are headquartered in California, such as Blizzard, EA, and Lu... more.
  • How the U.S. Military is Capitalizing Upon Video Game Culture

    0 CommentsPosted by on April 26, 2012 under Playstation, PS3 News
    Video games have had a dramatic affect on the landscape of global entertainment.  Parents worry about their children’s active participation in violence, even if it is virtual violence.  Due to the nature of video games and their popularity, the military has inevitably tried to capitalize upon the gaming trend. Kotaku recently published an article called “Where Video Games and Real Militar... more.
  • Key Player Added to Microsoft Team

    0 CommentsPosted by on March 14, 2012 under X360 News, Xbox 360
    Team members make all the difference in the world…Remember your inward groan when teachers paired you with the class slacker?  What a breeze your project was when teamed with the “Hermione Granger” of the school?  Team members and leaders make all the difference in the world when it comes to accomplishing a common goal. Microsoft just announced that Phil Harrison (a man with a host of exp... more.
  • Rumors of an Xbox 720 Touch Screen Controller

    0 CommentsPosted by on February 15, 2012 under Featured
    In December, KitGuru brought you news of the upcoming PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles, including mounting anticipation among gamers and developers for the improved graphics these next gen consoles can provide.  Now, rumors have shifted from focus on the consoles themselves and towards updated controllers. In a recent Xbox World Magazine article, unnamed sources revealed Microsoft’s experimentation... more.
  • Long Live Play

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 5, 2011 under Featured, Playstation, PS3 News
    ...is the name of the new brand campaign by Sony. It was announced on August 30, and we saw a teaser on September 26, but before today no one really knew what "Long Live Play" meant. Besides the super-sweet price of $250 for a new PS3. Are videogames finally going to make us live longer? And then this was released today: The short film celebrates everything great about PlayStation legacy... more.
  • PlayStation Vita will support social networking services

    0 CommentsPosted by on August 21, 2011 under PSP, PSP News
    Sony has announced that the Vita handheld, due in Europe in early 2012, will support Facebook, foursquare, Skype and Twitter. What's more surprising, these applications will be available for free. Vita, although not a phone (against early speculation) already features 3G internet and GPS. Here are some other specs: A 4-core processor of yet unknown frequency, but similar to the one Apple us... more.
  • Double Eleven to become an Exclusive Sony developer

    0 CommentsPosted by on July 20, 2011 under Featured, Playstation, PS2 News, PS3 News, PSP, PSP News
    Earlier today Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) announced that the UK development firm Double Eleven had just signed a deal with them. Know for it's work on LittleBigPlanet, Double Eleven will become an exclusive developer for Sony platforms like the PS3. Double Eleven was initially founded  in 2010, by former Rockstar lead engineers. As aforementioned the new development team is ... more.
  • Journey E3 trailer and details

    0 CommentsPosted by on June 12, 2011 under Featured, Playstation, PS3 News
    Yes we know what you are thinking but get Open Arms and Don't Stop Believing out of your mind. This isn't about the legendary band, it is in fact an upcoming game from thatgamecompany (TGC) for Sony Entertainment. TGC gained notoriety for the PS3 releases flOw and Flower, so let's take a look at the E3 trailer for their latest offering. As seen from the trailer the game starts in a v... more.
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