Have the Days of Handheld Systems Reached an End?

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  • Have the Days of Handheld Systems Reached an End?

    1 CommentsPosted by Karin E. Skoog on February 16, 2012 under Featured, PSP, PSP News
    KitGuru recently brought you an article highlighting the growing trend of exercise games and social gaming.  Tablets, smart phones, iProducts, Facebook, and Google Chrome social gaming apps have engrossed a good chunk of the population since their inception.  While these trends have been skyrocketing for some time, how many of you have stopped to think about the impact this could have upon other... more.
  • Valkyria Chronicles III Didn’t Make it to American or European Markets…Will Valkyria Chronicles IV?

    0 CommentsPosted by Karin E. Skoog on January 27, 2012 under PSP, PSP News
    Either you like the Valkyria Chronicles series, or you don’t.  It’s one of those series that people have trouble classifying: while it’s clearly a strategy-driven series, it also has RPG/JRPG elements.  The first game in the series received nominations and won multiple awards in the RPG category – nominated by GameTrailers for “Best Role-Playing Game,” awarded “Playstation 3 RPG of... more.
  • PlayStation Vita will support social networking services

    0 CommentsPosted by Max Smolaks on August 21, 2011 under PSP, PSP News
    Sony has announced that the Vita handheld, due in Europe in early 2012, will support Facebook, foursquare, Skype and Twitter. What's more surprising, these applications will be available for free. Vita, although not a phone (against early speculation) already features 3G internet and GPS. Here are some other specs: A 4-core processor of yet unknown frequency, but similar to the one Apple us... more.
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