F1 World Championship – Soon Available for PSP and Wii

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F1 World Championship – Soon Available for PSP and Wii

Codemasters today released the latest gameplay video of F1 2009, the thrilling wheel-to-wheel multiplayer racing game. You can watch the video at www.formula1-game.com. The new video shows a two-player split screen, where two players race during the "Formula 1 Grande Premio Do Brazil".

In fact, if you own a Nintendo Wii, you’ll be able to race with your buddy as team-mates or against each other, in the most real and accessible recreation of the actual FIA Formula 1 World Championship.

Besides the usual mode, where you can race on the circuit you like the most, you can also choose to battle throughout the F1 Championship, in all of its 17 rounds. Furthermore, you can decide to take over 150 different challenges, such as flying laps, overtaking trials and scenario-based challenges.

On the Wii, the level of accessibility offered by F1 2009 is brought even further, as the game will offer four control schemes to the player. Another version of the game will also be available for purchase: "The Limited Edition Wii Bundle" will come with its own Race Wheel. The player will just have to place the Wii Remote in the wheel and using it just like a F1 steering wheel. But this is not over yet, as players can also connect the Nunchuck and use its analogue stick to steer, or even alternatively use the Classic Controller, which will give them analogue control of both the steering and acceleration/braking system. F1 2009 also supports the Logitech Force Feedback Wheel for the Wii, in order to deliver the most thrilling driving experience. 

Aside from the Wii edition, F1 2009 for PSP supports "ad hoc" multiplayer, so you can battle against up to four racers. The Challenge Mode on PSP lets players enjoy quick gameplay sessions in both single and multiplayer on the move.

The all new unique and intuitive Fair Race Balancing system will make friends and family of different skills and experience enjoy competitive racing. This is how it works: after two players have raced each other for the first time, the game analyses their driving styles and skills, and suggest which of the Driver Aids each driver is advised to activate or deactivate in order to have a balanced race. All of these aids range from steering and braking assistance to racing line and spin recovery; this way newbies and veterans can set up perfectly in order to have a fair balanced co-operative mode competition.

The game is scheduled for release on 20th November for both Wii and PSP entertainment systems. For further information and latest updates, please visit the official game website at www.formula1-game.com.

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