Soul Sacrifice looks like it could be a good Monster Hunter competitor

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Soul Sacrifice looks like it could be a good Monster Hunter competitor

While there are a few games that have been released that have stood up to the Monster Hunter franchise in its ability to offer twitch based, cooperative combat against giant enemies, none of them have really hit the mark for fans of the series. However, Soul Sacrifice is looking quite exciting from its latest trailers – enough that it could perhaps tempt a few away from grinding another 10 Lagiacrus Horns for that new hammer.

While that was a bit more of a visual tease trailer, it doesn’t show quite as much about the gameplay as this one:

In both we see a good mix of varied enemies, beyond the traditional dragons used in quite a few similar games. There’s strange multi-headed demons and even a giant chicken with a human face on it. However it’s also made clear that this is a magic focused game, so there’s less of the sword swinging and more of the spellcasting. Players can seemingly control spells independently in each hand, similar to games like Skyrim, thereby perhaps mixing elements to make more powerful spells.

The second trailer also reiterates the Japanese release of 7th March 2013. Due as a Vita exclusive, Soul Sacrifice will be available in the EU and US by April.

KitGuru Says: This actually looks pretty cool. It might be a bit fast paced for this Great Sword wielder, but I’ll check it out if it ever shows up on something other than the Vita.

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