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To d’oh or not to d’oh that is the question which presents itself. In The Simpson’s Game you can choose to d’oh as Homer or not to d’oh and play as Marge, Lisa, Bart or even Maggie Simpson. One thing is sure though, while The Simpson’s Game does include almost every major character you can think of, only members of the Simpson family are playable. It’s as shame as playing Moe the bartender, or Duffman holds real appeal. For this playtest we tried the Playstation 3 (PS3) version of the game.  The story of the game is quite fitting. Bart figures out that the Simpson’s whole lives are a videogame after a copy of the games instruction manual falls from the sky. As the game progresses, all of the Simpsons gain superpowers after realising they have them. A simple way to reference it, is to use Neo in The Matrix as an example. As soon as Neo in the movie figures out the world is a fake, that is when he learns that the real world rules can be broken. Just like Homer.  As each Simpson, the powers provided fit those from certain episodes of the TV show. Homer for example uses Gummi Homer. The other family members use abilities such as Bart’s Bartman (Batman) o glide from one area to another, Marge’s megaphone to gather a mob and Lisa’s saxophone to stun enemies.  There are areas of the game where a certain Simpson is required to do an activity with most missions giving you control over two characters. This can prove to be interesting as the game allows co-op play for two people in mission, using split screen giving even more entertainment.  The missions are almost all spoofs of big games and franchises with lots of EA game references. The missions include Medal of Homer (Medal of Honour), Grand Theft Scratchy (Grand Theft Auto) and Neverquest (Everquest). There are also numerous posters around for other games spoofing them. An example of mickey taking is how in missions you are attacked by video game characters from popular franchises like EA’s Madden American football games. The quality of the game is quite impressive and the only real issue comes from some missions not being clear on their objectives. An example is a mission in the Duff beer factory. What occurs in a cut scene is a story about an eating contest there, and then suddenly you are in the factory with no idea where to go. This is a small gripe though for an otherwise entertaining game. One other thing letting the game down is its heavy political references. It’s doubtful someone playing the game would want to hear about the recent scandal. Overall, The Simpson’s Game is a great addition to the franchise.

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