Burn Zombie, Burn! – A Zombie Trailer

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Burn Zombie, Burn! – A Zombie Trailer

Pinnacle Software and Doublesix today announced the release of a new trailer for the game "Burn Zombie Burn", together with few screenshots, where the races of zombies in the games are explained and shown.

In fact, each kind of zombie is going to have its own behavious pattern, its own strenght and its own weakness. Here are the many kinds:

  • Normal: the classic zombie we all know and love.
  • Exploder, Walking Bombs, it’s best if we don’t get anywhere near them.
  • Crazy: you can know by their hair, and will chase the player for the whole map.
  • Dancers: they hate you looking at them, and will attack you dancing.
  • Rushers: high speed attackers, but they’re not too good at turning fastly.
  • Riot: these ones have masks to protect theri faces, can infect other zombies and are immune to fire and dance guns.
  • Super Zombie: huge, strong, immune to many things but explosives; very hard to be killed.
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