NFS: The Run and the Million Dollar Highway

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NFS: The Run and the Million Dollar Highway

There’s an interesting stretch of road in the USA called ‘The Million Dollar Highway‘. It is a part of Route 550 going through Colorado. The legend has it that this road is so twisting and treacherous that not every driver will risk to take it, even for a million dollars.

Well, Need for Speed: The Run offers 25 million to the main character Jack if he finishes the race. Time to take risks?

It seems that there’s more story in The Run than in all previous Need for Speed games put together. Oh, I remember how Underground and Carbon attempted to introduce plot elements. It was horrible. Dialogue should be read by actors, not scantly clad models. Let’s hope EA Black Box are willing to make a serious effort this time.

Built on a first-person shooter engine Frostbite 2 and with more aggressive driving than ever before, The Run just might introduce the new stage in the Need for Speed evolution.

The Run will be released on all major platforms, including Wii and 3DS, on November 15 (US) and November 18 (Europe).

Check out Need for Speed:The Run – Porsche 911 Carrera S trailer.

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  • mitch
    December 13, 2011
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    What stage or challenge race is this million dollar highway in>?

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