Fresh Modern Warfare 3 trailer

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Fresh Modern Warfare 3 trailer

Yesterday saw the premiere of the new Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 single-player trailer. Activision chose to air it in the evening during the England vs Montenegro football game. Reaching for the target market?

Modern Warfare is sure to become a blockbuster. How big of a blockbuster? The trailer gives a hint:

Now, this trailer is awesome for all sorts of reasons. We get a proper look at the story. Although it involves evil Russians, the epic worldwide mayhem is very dramatic.

Add the fact that for most of the time (at all times?) the player maintains a first-person perspective, even when important stuff is blowing up. This creates a completely immersive experience. Modern Warfare 3 might feel like being inside a film, the ultimate goal for a lot of computer games.

Finally, explosions. Destruction and special effects look glorious. No amount of screenshots can capture it, it has to be seen in motion. It seems like there’s no limit to what Infinity Ward can blow to pieces right on the screen. A shame that it’s mostly scripted, and dynamic destruction model is not as advanced as in Battlefield 3. But when you are in the heat of battle, you will barely notice the difference.

The game will be released in exactly a month, on November 8.

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