Dragon Age II: a whole lot of stuff in October

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Dragon Age II: a whole lot of stuff in October

Dragon Age: Redemption, a web TV series tied in with the story of Dragon Age II, will see a premiere on October 11. As if that wasn’t enough, on the same day EA will release an expansion for the game titled Mark of the Assassin.

DA:R will follow Dalish assassin Tallis as she hunts for a runaway sorcerer. The mini-series will be aired as 6 episodes, all available to download before the end of this year. What makes this offering stand out is that Tallis will be played by a pretty geek girl (woman?) Felicia Day, who you might have seen in The Guild, A Town Called Eureka or even Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

DA2:MotA will see Hawk working side by side with Tallis. Together, they will infiltrate an Orlesian baron’s mansion to steal a relic called the Heart of the Many. Developers promise more weapons, new enemies and an option to avoid some combat trough stealth. The DLC will be available for PC, XBox 360 and Play Station 3 at a price of $9.99 (or 800 MSP). You just have to see Felicia Day excited about being a character in a game:

That’s a whole lot of Dragon Age II stuff coming out in October. I guess BioWare try their best to keep the fans occupied until the release of Dragon Age III .

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