Crysis on consoles in October

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Crysis on consoles in October

Hell has frozen over and pigs have started flying. Crytek, the developer behind critically acclaimed Crysis series has announced the first game is coming to PS3 and XBox 360 this year in October. The first-person shooter has remained a PC exclusive since its launch in 2007. The port has been rumored for ages,¬† but until now, there hasn’t been any official confirmation.

You can see how well the game looks in the trailer below.

Crysis on PC was hailed as the best-looking game ever created. Jaw-dropping explosions, realistic jungle, water that makes you want to swim in it and the sandbox environment made Crysis a miracle at the time of its release. Four years on, and it still looks the business. There was a price to pay for this visual brilliance: the game refused to output a decent framerate on anything but the hi-end PCs. How well will dated PS3 and XBox 360 hardware handle the pressure?

Crysis for consoles will be  distributed as a digital download only. It will cost  $19.99 on PSN or 1600 MP on Xbox Live. It will feature re-worked lighting, new suit controls (no doubt inspired by Crysis 2) and optimized special effects. The single-player campaign is going to get several additional missions and the controls will be re-designed for the console controllers.

Honestly, Crysis coming to consoles is the weirdest bit of news we have heard in a while. It used to be the ultimate way to stand your ground in the console VS PC argument: “So you have Halo and Gears of War, Killzone and Final Fantasy. Big deal. We have Crysis.”

This argument still rings true. After all, there’s no way current generation consoles will be able to run Crysis 2. Thank God for that.

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