Burnout Crash! Review (Xbox 360)

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Burnout Crash! Review (Xbox 360)

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Burnout Crash! is a colourful downloadable arcade for Xbox 360 and Play Station 3. It is a famous destruction racer spin-off, with focus on the single mode from Burnout 2 and up – “Crash Mode”. The rules are simple – you drive into a busy intersection and try to cause as much damage around you as possible. Cars, road fixtures, buildings, everything has to blow up.

As you collect points, you can repeatedly explode your car in different directions. Time it right, and the mayhem can reach ridiculous levels.

Look at the screenshots, and you instantly think of old GTA games. But unlike old GTA games, this is honest 3D. From a top-down perspective, Burnout Crash! looks like a city-building strategy game. And then things go ka-boom. Crash! is choke-full of combos, bonuses and secrets. There are more special effects on screen than in the latest Michael Bay film. When played, it is a sight to behold.

XBox 360 owners have the additional option of using Kinect to control the car. We found this to be almost impossible to get right. Even when Kinect works, it is a lot harder to control the game than with a gamepad. I mean, come on, clapping your hands for explosions? Only when you have to show-off.

Crash! gameplay is fun, and it doesn’t bore you quickly. It’s similar to Angry Birds – simple, but addictive. And it makes a perfect party game. Can you destroy more than your friends? Online features allow you to view leaderboards and issue challenges to your friends. There is no proper online play, but for $10 are we really bothered?

I would recommend the game to anyone looking for a light, entertaining XBLA or PSN game. You might not play Crash! a lot, but you will return to it time after time. Sure, this is not a proper Burnout. But for what it is, it’s good.

See if this completely insane advert with David Hasselhoff will help you come to a consumer decision:

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