Binary Domain – the power of trust

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Binary Domain – the power of trust

One of the unique features of the upcoming squad-based third-person shooter Binary Domain will be the advanced team relationship system. It is called the Consequence System, and it will judge you for pretty much everything you do. Depending on your behaviour towards the team members, you can either receive help from them in a tight spot, or be ignored. Maybe even shot in the back.

Sega have mentioned Consequence System more than once, so this information is not new for those who have been following the fate of the project. So what’s so newsworthy in this article?

The trailer, ladies and gentelmen:

Rather than interacting in the cutscenes sandwiched between the action sequences, like in Alpha Protocol or Mass Effect, the characters in Binary Domain demand player’s attention non-stop. Developers Yakuza Studio ¬†aspire to create drama through the action. I hope it works, the concept sounds amazing. This is a role-playing game without any skillpoints or inventory slots. And you can even talk to your partners through a headset.

Now, maybe I’m crazy, but at times Binary Domain gameplay looks surprisingly similar to that of Mass Effect series. And the release date? February 14, 2012, three weeks before Mass Effect 3. Just enough time to finish one game before starting another, for a non-stop third-person role-playing action ride.

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