Silent Hill HD Collection – Coming in Just 2 Weeks

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Silent Hill HD Collection – Coming in Just 2 Weeks

Too bad this wasn’t out in time for the holidays.  The Silent Hill Collection consists of Silent Hill 2 and 3 with new voiceovers and high-definition graphics.  Not long to wait now – just two weeks before the collection is released (January 24th in the US and January 27th in Europe and Australia).

Silent Hill 2 was released in Fall 2001 for the PS2 and Xbox and Silent Hill 3 in Summer 2003 for the PS2.  Silent Hill 2 received an 89 out of 100 on and Silent Hill 3 an 85 out of 100.  Critics praised the creepy horror elements of the games.  A reviewer at Hot Games said Silent Hill 2 has “Some really sick stuff.  The imagery and grotesque design of the enemies is disturbing,” and G4 TV hailed Silent Hill 3 as “a truly disturbing, frightening, and blood experience […] the current high-mark of scary games, period, with production values that put most contemporary horror-flicks to shame.”  Harsher critics noted gameplay as a problem in Silent Hill 3.

Silent Hill Collection Silent Hill HD Collection   Coming in Just 2 Weeks

Revisited, remastered.

What can we expect from this new version of the Silent Hill games?  New voice acting and improved graphics.  The new voices certainly sound more dramatic and at times breathier than the original – deeper male voices, a more syrupy and somewhat sensual voice for Maria.  This video sets the original and remastered audio tracks side by side.  (It’s worth checking out, especially if you’re on the fence about the new edition.)  And in case you take issue with the new voice acting, you have the option to use the original audio track when playing Silent Hill 2 (but unfortunately the same option doesn’t exist for Silent Hill 3.)  Curious what this new game with look and sound like?  Check out the last half of this video (it has clips from the aforementioned video but without the interruption of the original dialogue).  It doesn’t look as though the improved graphics will at all detract from the old atmosphere of the games, but you never know.

shhd 6 Silent Hill HD Collection   Coming in Just 2 Weeks

Silent Hill Collection.

KitGuru says: Yay or nay?  As with most remade classic games, movies, books, etc, preference really ranges depending on the individual.  However, remade media rarely compares to the classic in its original form.

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