News about New Star Trek Game

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News about New Star Trek Game

Space, explosives, formidable enemies, relentless heroes – the basis of sci-fi nerd heaven.

Last year’s E3 brought the announcement of a new Star Trek game along with a brief trailer of Spock and Kirk running around, blowing things up.  Very little has been divulged about the game thus far, though it is expected for the 360, PS3, and PC early 2013, before Star Trek 2 hits theatres.  (Star Trek 2 is tentatively set for May 17, 2013).  The game will follow Kirk and Spock’s fight against the enemy and is being written by Marianna Krawczky (writer for God of War) and Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman (writers and producers of Star Trek 2).

1428 News about New Star Trek Game

The enemy is going down!

star trek kirk and spock News about New Star Trek Game

Kirk and Spock in wait.

It will be a third person shooter, heavily relying on tricorders throughout the game to scan enemies and collect data.  There are, of course, major differences between playing Spock and Kirk, such as the ability to set Spock’s phaser to “stasis” (paralyzing the enemy) and Kirk’s ability to destroy the enemy with a “kill” mode.  The most alluring tidbit of information yet regarding this new addition to Star Trek is that gamers can expect an “unprecedented co-op experience”…I’m intrigued.

star trek video game 1024x575 News about New Star Trek Game


The most recent announcement regarding this new game is that it will be co-published by Namco Bandai and Paramount Digital Entertainment.  Executive vice president of Paramount Pictures’ worldwide marketing LeeAnne Stables claims, “With our Namco-Bandai partners leading the distribution effort, we are confident that we will meet an overwhelming demand to get this exciting console experience into the hands of gamers and Star Trek fans worldwide.”

KitGuru says: With roughly a year left before the release of this new Star Trek game, it won’t be long before we bring you more details about this exciting, action-filled adventure.  Stay tuned!

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