New Bioshock Infinite trailer showcases… everything

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New Bioshock Infinite trailer showcases… everything

While the new “City in the Sky” trailer for the upcoming Bioshock: Infinite from Irrational games is supposedly designed to show off the world of Columbia, in reality it gives us a much more broad taste of what the game has to offer.

In-case you don’t want to read my rundown and would rather watch it yourself, here it is:

Starting off with a relatively peaceful introduction to the floating city, we see it in all its majestic beauty. It’s even described as “heaven,” by one off screen voice. We’re also treated to such wonders as magic, the Handyman suits getting their first showcasing and a woman waving her arms around in the shape of a heart.

However it’s quickly clear – even if you’ve never heard of Bioshock Infinite before – that all is not well in Columbia. In a sequence that looks like it was pulled from Apple’s 1984 inspired advert, we see the “profit,” laying down judgement on five kneeling individuals.

The camera then jumps away to Elizabeth, the secondary protagonist and sidekick of the game, whom the player has been sent to rescue. It quickly becomes clear she’s no normal girl, with a seeming ability to create portals – even without a glowing white gun.

“What goes up, must come down,” reads the text at the end of the trailer, while a voice over says in a snooty voice, “Bring us the girl and we’ll wipe away the debt.”

KitGuru Says: While I think I’m going to need to upgrade my rig to play this one properly, I’m pretty excited for it. It’s been a long time since I was invested in a FPS title and Bioshock Infinite looks like it could hit the spot.

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