New Aliens Colonial Marines story trailer bursts out of the internet’s chest

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New Aliens Colonial Marines story trailer bursts out of the internet’s chest

A new trailer has appeared for upcoming and long delayed Gearbox shooter, Aliens: Colonial Marines, this one debuting real elements of the in-game story and setting the scene for what’s to follow.

If you’d rather watch the trailer than read my awesome break down, here you go:

It all begins with a briefing by Corporal Hicks from Aliens. He’s wounded and his team has apparently taken heavy casualties on satellite LV-426, the setting from the original two Alien movies. While it initially seems like we’re going to get to give Hicks a better send off than he got in the movie franchise, he then tells us that we should consider all marines on the planet to be KIA. But don’t worry, the USS Sephora is going back in.

Now the Sulaco, the ship that transported Hicks and his team and ultimately disappeared between films two and three after ejecting Ripley, Hicks and Newt’s pods, has shown up again over another planet and marines are dying.

We then see a lot of footage of the aliens looking wet and threatening, while a voice over informs us that there are a lot of them coming and it’s down to us to stop them. We also see a brief shot of the Bishop android that we know will make an appearance in game.

The final voice we hear asks the question: “What happened on the Sulaco?”

KitGuru Says: I guess that’s up to us to find out. While the multiplayer for this game might look like a Left 4 Dead clone, with aliens, I’m still really excited about the single player/coop portion. It looks tense and scary as hell. Plus I love the Alien movies. Even the last one.

Maybe not the last one.

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