Female gamers speak out about sexism, harassment

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Female gamers speak out about sexism, harassment

FatUglyorSlutty.com offers a great insight into the ridiculous nature of sexism in gaming, but apparently it’s rampant in the development side too. However developers and gamers are now speaking out about their experiences on Twitter.

Using the hashtag “1reasonwhy,” they explained that the reason there were so few females in the developmental field was because sexism abounds. “Applied for a number of game producer jobs, with a software start-up under my belt & software exec prod at BBC,” one said. Despite this, she was told she had no relevant experience.

Developer of Gratuitous Space Battles and head of Positech Games, Cliffski, said he’d experienced less sexism in boat building. “Funny to think back that there seemed to be less sexism in boatbuilding, when I did that, than in game development. madness #1reasonwhy.”

One other twitter user name Filamena, said: “When it comes time to talk about new, exciting games and designers, I may be left out because I ‘whine’ too much. There are men in and around the industry you ‘can’t’ call out for being dicks because it could ruin your chances.”

femalegaming Female gamers speak out about sexism, harassment

There's a landslide of comments

However, not everyone’s experiences were the same. Alice Taylor, head at Makie.me, said that: “Taking a moment to share my love for the UK games industry: nerdy, funny, clever, very very welcoming in my experience.”

KitGuru Says: Any female KG readers want to share their experiences with the industry, or gaming as a whole? We’d love to hear from you.

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