Blacks Ops 2 DLC will have a new weapon, maps

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Blacks Ops 2 DLC will have a new weapon, maps

A promotional image from Call of Duty Black Ops 2, seems to suggest that it will have a DLC pack titled “Revolution,” bringing with it some new maps to slaughter each other on, as well as a new weapon.

According to the poster – spotted by an eagle eyed redditor – it’ll be released on 29th January, though whether that’s a universal release date or just the local one is unknown at this point. All the information available comes from a few images, the most interesting of which is this one:

blackops2 Blacks Ops 2 DLC will have a new weapon, maps

Die Rise... I see what they did there.

If for whatever reason you can’t see the above image, it showcases what looks like five new maps. One of which is for the zombie mode, titled “Die Rise,” while the others look likely to be standard multiplayer offerings. These include: Hydro, Downhill, Mirage and Grind.

Beneath all of these is the image of a new “Bonus Peacekeeper SMG,” which presumably comes packaged with this DLC offering.

KitGuru Says: I tapped out of the Call of Duty franchise after World at War’s multiplayer and the Modern Warfare campaign so I’m not a good judge here. Are you guys excited for this?

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  • Rob
    January 2, 2013
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    Hell no seeing that Xbox users have atleast nuketown zombies available and I have season pass and yet have to wait yet another 28 days plus over 50.000 ppl are all ready playing it on ps3 not sure how but I know cause I check the leaderboards and recent games and have seen that ppl are playing it in ps3, i always thought a season pass gives early access to dlc apearently not with psn

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