The Legion reunited in Dungeon Siege III

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The Legion reunited in Dungeon Siege III

If you have followed the Dungeon Siege series from the start as this writer has, you are probably wondering what the 10th Legion is. The Legion are the remnants of a group that helped create Ehb, and they are  Lucas, Katarina, Reinhart and Anjali.  As shown in the multi-player trailer we have included, you assume one of their identities during gameplay.

Details on the Legion are still vague at this point, but we found out what we could for our readers on Kitguru. Apparently the members of the Legion were disbanded and left as outcasts in a bloody betrayal, early in Ehb’s history. They have been reunited in Dungeon Siege III to help save the crumbling kingdom of Ehb. In an interview on Siliconera,  Obsidian Entertainment’s Feargus Urquhart had this to say:

“In general how it works is the Legion is there, the Legion is what helps found Ehb. The 10th Legion then got themselves involved in sort of the politics of Ehb and were very involved with all of that. They go so involved that they basically did something to what they thought would help Ehb, but in doing so they caused something radically bad to happen. Because of that, the populous and everybody turned on them and that’s how almost all of the Legion were killed.

The way we’ve always looked at it, the Legion is so important to Ehb. It’s like like the connective tissue, they’re what keeps Ehb alive and together. Now they were destroyed, Ehb is almost like falling apart. That’s why its so important that in the game you are bringing back the Legion.”

The game is set to be released on June 17th in the UK, and June 21st in North America. It will be available for the PC, XBox 360 and PS3 platforms.

Kitguru says: Do you have the grit and determination to become a member of the Legion, or is Tetris more your forte?

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