New Dungeon Siege III trailer

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New Dungeon Siege III trailer

Dungeon Siege III is becoming one of the most anticipated titles upcoming this year. The game itself will be released on June 16th, demos are currently available on the XBox360 platform. Demo offerings will be available for the PS3 and Window’s PC on June 7th. What Kitguru has for you today is a new trailer invoking incredible spells and empowerments.

As aforementioned the game itself will be available for the XBox360, PS3, and Windows PC platforms on June 16th. The series initially began in 2002, and was bundled with ATI’s X800 video card in 2005. In the years following Dungeon Siege has commandeered a long following of loyal and devoted fans.

Kitguru says: Can you help the 10th Legion save Ehb?

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