UEFA Champions League 2006-2007

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UEFA Champions League 2006-2007

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Another year goes by so you know what that means sports fans. That’s right there’s a new version of EA’s UEFA Champions League game. For those of you who don’t know the name it’s the same as the FIFA football simulation games also released by EA except this one covers the UEFA Champions League tournament.  This year’s version covers the 2006-2007 season which means it includes the current team transfers and updated statistics for every player plus a few new features not in the previous version like winter weather effects.  When it comes to football games it’s a well-known fact that EA make the best, with the FIFA series of games released every year. The only thing missing from the FIFA games is the ability to play in the Champions League and that is where this game fills the gap. Any football simulation game is a rather straight forward affair, where you select your team, choose if it’s a single match you want to play or a career mode as a manager running a whole season. A nice part in this game is you can create your own player to play for any team so that means you can put yourself in the game with superhuman skills if you want to be modest.  Champions League O6-07 comes with some interesting options. Even with its limited licence the game has a large number of game modes such as UEFA CL tournament, Ultimate challenge, Multiplayer, The Treble and Practice.  Even though you know what to expect from a campaign mode in a football game, it’s worth stating that unlike others of the same type this game has objectives that must be completed. You start by giving your manager a name and an appearance so whenever the match ends you see your manager on the sidelines giving various emotions. Then you select various options about your team’s tactics and other things. Then when you play, it’s the standard affair just like any other football game with you battling those evil greens or reds or blues. Once you have won or lost your first game, you go into the transfer season and there you have to complete objectives like buying a new striker and selling another player. Instead of just having to win matches you have to keep the owner of the club happy and do what he wants and if you decide not to follow instructions you will get the sack and it’s game over. The graphics are very nice, it looks like someone has spent a lot of time modelling some of the player’s faces. I don’t keep up with football but I know my Ryan Giggs from my Wayne Rooney and you really have accurate faces for both in this game and lots of other players you might not have heard of too. The controls are just as simple as there were back in FIFA 97. That’s right it’s not a typo, I do mean 97. Even though the games are supposed to be different, the UEFA game control system is almost exactly the same as the FIFA one. After 5 minutes of playing you will have the controls down.  If it hasn’t been said before I will say it now, this is a good game and a worthwhile purchase just as long as you don’t have FIFA 07 or a previous version. This game is the only football game you will need for at least the next few years.

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