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Tom Clancy’s EndWar is a third person strategy title with the unique selling point of voice controlled units. For the usual reasons found in every current war game World War 3 has begun. For this review we played the game on the Playstation 3 (PS3) format. In this global struggle the player takes control of soldiers working on all sides for Europe, US and Russia. Most missions have a single objective of defend, capture or destroy buildings on the map. Just like the recent strategy title World in Conflict, instead of building tanks via resource gathering which is the norm for all strategy titles Endwar uses a point based cap system. ¬†¬†Completing objectives in the mission provides points which can be used to order in replacement units in the form of ground armour, artillery, soldiers or air support like attack choppers. Control of key structures can also provide airstrikes and eventually futuristic doomsday weapon style attacks. Then we come to the voice commands. Endwar assigns each allied unit, enemy and objective a name or number. The voice control requires pressing a button on the controller and then issuing a command using a specific phrase using the assigned unit numbers and locations. No deviation in wording is acceptable but there are numerous commands available. Ubisoft’s supplied EX-01 Bluetooth headset for Playstation 3 (PS3) by Gioteck managed to hold up well in test conditions with a standard loud gaming environment making every command crystal clear to the system so they didn’t need repeating costing valuable time. ¬†There’s the question of do the voice commands improve the game and that’s a hard one to answer. Once the commands have been memorised after significant play it can prove to be an advantage. There is only one issue of note but it’s down to personal preference as to it bring good or bad. The camera is stuck extremely close to a single player unit making for a difficult view angle and it’s impossible to separate. The argument for that feature is it helps the player become immersed in the game so again it’s down to preference. The graphics are not terrible with adequate details on to ground units but the camera being stuck so close does show many of the faults. Endwars is indeed a unique title, and perhaps it could be recommended just for that part. PC strategy players may find it disappointing but console strategy fans should enjoy something different.

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