The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine

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Oblivion as you know is one of the greatest masterpiece of the videoludic fantasy never exited till now.  I’ve played practically all the episodes of the saga The Elder Scrolls, and the last two title that have literally bewitched me. I remember to have played Morrowind with the dictionary for a hundred of hours. I have played Oblivion also more. I remained amazed from the quality of this product. A perfect mixture of graphic, sonorous, longevity and all which can be expected from a videogame. Obviously like all the videogames; arrive a moment in which we must say stop and for all the people that like me have rambled for lands of Tamriel having explored every single damned every lease and played they will be able to appreciate this official expansion.

The weft is RPG, an ancient king wizard named Umaril is come back after 3000 for revenge. The only way to defeat him is to recover the artefacts of the Divine Crusader.  The knights of the Nine are closely joint with the main mission of Oblivion and they will give us important information if they are interrogated about the Ayleid ruins. Years ago were erected to important dwelling personages that would have been able to answer to the call of a messiah in order to vanquish a threat in a position to put in danger the existence of Dei. We will have the possibility to join us to the new faction in order to face the wicked. The adventure will begin asking some citizen of Anvil some ?rumours?. Obviously the game is identical to Oblivion with some graphical improvement and the possibility to install Mod new like the armours for the horses.

Inside the game will appear armours and mint objects new, we will have the possibility to have more useful companions respect to new Oblivion and all the new Dungeon are realized better. Within this new expansion we have the possibility to patch the game to the version 1.1. We will arrange of one new main quest called the Knights of the Nine who give the title to the expansion. New locations like: The planetarium, the tower of the wizard, the vile cavern and the den of thieves (some of these will add new quest).  Graphically we know it all, is how much better can be on the market on condition that you have an enough powerful PC. This expansion boasts however some graphical improvement.  For the sonorous it is the same speech; is necessary to have an adapted hardware to play it at best. If you have a decent audio card then will seem of being dipped in Cyrodill with atmospheric effects, truly beautiful music and effects and being involved. The gameplay does not introduce any innovation, only the new artefacts, armours and arm for the Divine Crusader.

The longevity is a particular speech because depends from the single player because adventure is not too long compared to Oblivion, but if you love Tamriel then the hours of game grow in exponential way and the exploration of the new adds will demand time.  What to say about this new expansion? The boys of the Bethesda Softworks always surprise us with their optimal jobs and also this time confirms their professionalism. This expansion indeed renders the game of Oblivion, that is infinite, still more long-lived, rich than new add on, new armours, new png, new Dungeon and all you need in order to enjoy and in order to spend hours of in front of your monitor (about 8 hours of main quest).

If you have loved Oblivion this expansion is of obligation, if you have never played is however a title that I advise because is one of the greatest masterpieces of the last years.

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