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The Club is an arcade style third-person shooter. You take control of a killer that has to fight others in an underground blood-sport. Set in modern times, you select one of eight unique characters to compete as in the competition. For this review we are trying the PC version.  Apart from obvious differences in their look each character handles differently. Some are speedy but cannot take hits while others are slow but built like a tank. It’s all up to you as to which would fit your gameplay style best. The single-player campaign consists of competing in a tournament. The objectives vary as do the game modes, but the point is to attain as many points as possible so you reach the top of the leader board. This allows you to progress to another of The Club’s eight locations. The level modes for any location are Sprint, Time Attack, Run the Gauntlet, Siege and Survivor.  Sprint just requires reaching the end of the location’s linear track. Time Attack needs you to kill enemies and shoot markets to make it around the track three times. Run the Gauntlet is the same as time attack but without the bonus time. Siege involves remaining in a small set area defending yourself. Survivor just requires the time to run out before you are overrun by enemies. In addition to the tournament there is also a Gunplay option which lets you create a custom level play list.  The multi-player runs over Microsoft’s LIVE service for Windows. It is built of eight game modes involving attack, capture and escort objectives as a team or an individual. Once you get past the Battle Royale type setup, what is left has you running around various locations like a shipwrecked ocean liner and an abandoned prison shooting anyone who appears. All these kills make points and the more stylish the kill the more points there are to be had. In total there are 17 different guns on hand to assist in your killing spree from pistols to a rocket launcher and minigun.  The graphics are above average and the locations highly detailed. The extremely linear path used to progress removes any opportunity for variation. Sounds are somewhat generic with a lack of imagination.  The troubles in The Club also come from its enemy AI and way off difficulty settings. As long as you just keep moving on the easy setting shooting as you go there is no doubt even someone who has never picked up a PC shooter before will score 5 times the other competitors scores. It is also nearly impossible to die unless using an extremely hard setting for an intermediate player on their first run through. Expect the first time play completion time of two hours and that’s the icing on the cake.

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