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Iron Man is a third person shooter based on the major motion picture. The story of Iron Man is about Tony Stark. America’s #1 weapons creator and manufacturer. He gets captured following a demonstration of his newest missile system. Stark is forced by terrorists to recreate the missile in their cave hideout. Instead he gets to work on creating a metal suit to escape, does so and using an improved Iron Man suit returns to the world to fight evil and destroy terrorist caches of his weapons. For those hoping for no spoilers for the movie, all those events happen at the beginning of the film. For this review we are testing the PC version.  The first real point to bring is that Iron Man on PC is not the same game as on the Playstation 3 (PS3) and 360 consoles. Instead the PC is a port of the Playstation 2 older generation version of the game. While the game’s beginning starts firmly following the movie, the further through the more off track it goes. There are even points that directly contradict the movie completely. Past the first 20 minutes of gameplay excluding the ending, the game’s events have nothing to do with those in the movie. What you do in the game is go up against evil organisations, destroy their weapons both conventional and special in nature. This is accomplished by utilising the weapons systems of the Iron Man suit.  There are three weapons available: missiles, machine guns and Iron Man’s signature energy blast. What you see on the left of the screen is a display regarding power distribution and prioritisation. Instead of having the suit’s energy evenly balanced as to propulsion, weapons and armour there is the option to push priority to one of the three. This means for propulsion the suit moves faster, a powerful energy blast can charge or the armour can be reinforced which is essentially the health bar.  All sound great in theory but unless playing on a high difficulty level it’s doubtful you will ever be hit enough to die once so requiring armour is a moot point. As for weapons, the standard blasters work perfectly well and for flight the gameplay area is so small it’s only possible to go about a hundred meters into the air before hitting an invisible wall. Ruining the whole experience of flying as Iron Man. Once passing and defeating the standard tanks, choppers and soldiers there are a number of flashbacks to games of old with actual boss battles using the duck and shoot while they are not looking tactic. Bringing back something which should have been left in the past.  The graphics are an unfunny joke. The first mission teaches how to use a flame thrower and as soon as you click it at an enemy they disappear. No body it’s just like a magic trick. All locations appear blocky and square bar one. The best way to sum it up is to say Iron Man looks like a game using the same engine as the original Rainbow Six from the 90′s. Even though the cut scenes contradict the movie they are of an average quality. Lip-sync is an issue. Using Robert Downey Jr. for the voice of Iron Man in the game is a huge point in its favour.  In conclusion Iron Man is a game belonging to another time. If it was released a decade ago it would be an enjoyable 2 hour experience before completion. As a modern title, the objectives are dull and designed to pad out the length of the game. There is even the need to reface a boss in a reused location. Not being able to fly high is an unforgivable sin for Iron Man. A story of a man in a flying suit.

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