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Let’s take the fight to them. Fuel of War is a first person shooter employing the same gameplay style as EA’s Battlefield series of games. Set in the near future, the events in Fuel of War revolve around the Stray Dogs. A fighting force working for the Western Coalition. As the story goes, fuel prices kept going up into the future and as supply’s near zero the world is split in two to fight over any remaining supply. It’s not exactly the most imaginative storyline but it does the job. For this review we are testing the PC version.  The two sides in the game are the Western Coalition previously mentioned and the Red Star Alliance. As a member of the Stray Dogs you are sent into hotspots to take control of the frontline and push the enemy back.  The frontline between enemy and allied territory is how the missions progress . Having multiple objectives in a row on the line requiring capture or destruction of a fortification. This pushes the enemy back allowing assault on the next pulled back frontline objective. While these can be tackled in any order all objective points must be completed before the line re-establishes itself allowing progression to additional objectives. All locations are shown on a mini-map with mission details available. While battling along as an on foot soldier is the standard method of combat, taking control of tanks or helicopters is also available in certain situations. As a solider a number of toys and gadgets are available for implementation.  There are remote control ground vehicles and helicopters allowing for additional attack methods. While these are fun to use and add a lot of variation the number of locations, allowing use of these during the single-player campaign is limited. The best way to think of it is the campaign is an extended tutorial to familiarise before playing online. In total there are 7 missions in the campaign with a completion time of around 7 hours and 8 multiplayer maps. The storyline does have quite an open ending so there is lots of room for a sequel.  The online component allows for several different player classes. This means you can pick the type of weapons which fit your gameplay style best. Some groups allow use of remote control vehicles while others can call in air strikes. All can be upgraded to allow for additional options. It’s very much like Team Fortress 2 or the Battlefield titles when playing online.  Graphics are of a high quality. While not up there in a position to beat the competition shooters there is a lot more variation from the linear path in Frontlines giving it the benefit of the doubt. It’s not harsh to look at by far with a gritty, sometimes desert look while fighting through Europe.  In short Frontlines is a fantastic title just missing that spark of greatness. Perhaps it is the constant feeling of being in a tutorial when playing the single-player campaign.

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