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Far Cry 2 is a first person shooter and sequel in name only. Taking place in Africa the player selects one of several mercenary personas to use before they go to work for diamonds. As usual there are conflicts between rival militia groups so to profit the user capitalises on their hate taking missions aimed at the others demise. Far Cry 2 is an incredibly visual game where a mission is organised in a small town before taking a car and driving through the vast wilderness during both the day and night. Most missions are based around taking out a target or base. This can be attempted via stealth means using the night as cover or using daylight and a rocket launcher to exterminate all with extreme prejudice. For this review we tested on the Playstation 3 (PS3) format.  After the mission is completed its time to get back to driving to a militias headquarters to attempt another in return for medicine or diamonds. Driving takes up a lot of time as the gameplay areas are massive and using the onscreen map becomes essential to avoid getting lost. Add to the huge area a massive amount of guns, a day/night cycle similar to Oblivion and Fallout 3 and repairable vehicles the game certainly provides plenty of options for attacking the enemy.  But then there are some issues. While the PC versions graphics appear fantastic the Playstation 3 (PS3) version has some very flat and plain looking textures, cars are the best example. While it does sound like much most of the time is spent looking at the car when driving so it becomes more and more annoying. Then comes the drive time, it’s way too long. When it takes 20 minutes to go from one location to another the map is too big for purpose. If the area was filled a bit more it would be better but there is just a barren landscape or jungle with the occasional jeep or hideout to stop you reaching the destination. Fire effects are the best thing in the game with roaming flames and wind direction all making for some great effects. Sound effects are impressive but there is a lack of variation which annoys on occasion. While you won’t notice it immediately all the vehicles sound identical and so do a number of the weapons.  Overall Far Cry 2 is a great attempt but some issues change it from enjoyable furious action to mind numbing boredom with occasional greatness.

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