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Fantasy Wars is a strategy game using the old fashioned turn based hex grid style movement system. For those who might not be familiar with the style. You move around military units such as Infantry or Archers so they are close to the enemy. You are then allowed to attack an enemy once using that unit. That’s when the turn ends and its the turn of the enemy to do the same.  Set in a fantasy version of Medieval times you have the choice of playing as one of three races in their respective campaigns. These are divided into Human, Orc and Elves modes. Once you enter the campaign you are a single hero for that nation. In the case of the humans you play a mercenary leader called Derrick Preil. The story is incredibly loose and just an excuse to run around exterminating the enemy from the map. That doesn’t stop you being literally spoon fed facts in rendered cut scenes. Plot points would be more subtle if they dropped them on you from a great height. There is even an odd use of a cut scene that lasts less than two seconds showing just a characters head. If you ignore the story of the game completely you are left with a positive experience.  On any given mission your objective is to get from one side of the map to the other. Assaulting enemy held castles and villages on the way. You start the mission with a set group of units and as you liberate and pillage villages money is attained. This can be used to purchase reinforcements such as infantry, archers, cavalry and special units. You should expect to spend around an hour on any mission with casual play. In addition to campaign mode there are also single mission and multi-player options.  The graphics lack that certain something when zoomed out. The game feels cold and uninviting. If however you play with the map zoomed in you see not just markers for your units but the individual men fighting in every engagement. This adds excitement even though there is little player involvement. The only downside to this is a difficult camera sometimes showing the battle and other times zooming in on the wrong place. The music is grand and fits the scene. A surprisingly good game that brings new life to a dead genre. There is just a need to hire a real scriptwriter for a sequel and that would provide a more immersive experience.

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