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Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike

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In case you have not read the other Battlefield franchise game reviews, the Battlefield series of games are considered the best online action games going. To give you an incentive to try it unlike World of Warcraft and the other games like it, there is no monthly charge.  The newest release in the franchise is an expansion to the game Battlefield 2142. This expansion is called Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike. If you don’t know how a PC game expansion works you buy the original game and have it installed before you can buy and play the expansion. Otherwise the expansion just doesn’t work because it adds new content to the original game and without the original there is no way to run it.  The Battlefield franchise so far has covered every kind of conflict possible from World War 2 in its first release to the future in the year 2142. The Battlefield game before 2142 was Battlefield 2. You shouldn’t let the name fool you because Battlefield 2 was not the second game in the series but the third made after a disowned inferior sequel. With this expansion to 2142, Northern Strike can only be purchase online from the Electronic Arts EA Link software download service.  The general storyline of Northern Strike is simple, it’s a fight in the frozen future between the European Union and a fictional group called the Pan-Asian Coalition (PAC). Both sides are trying to wipe out the other and take control. You play a single soldier in this online only war, fighting for whatever side you choose and instead of just running from A to B killing others like a first person shooter, you can jump into any vehicles you see and use them.  The Northern Strike expansion adds a lot of new content including new vehicles, unlockable weapons and maps to play on. The vehicles comprise of a small hovering attack vehicle called a Hatchimoto that carries a driver and passenger, both using mounted guns. This works well enough to get you where you are going but it doesn’t give much protection. The other is the selling point of NS. It’s called the A3 Goliath. Using this vehicle makes you incredibly powerful. In the simplest terms the Goliath is a mobile fortress slightly larger than a standard APC with a number of gun positions that cover all sides. As the opposition, if you are in a vehicle or a ground soldier when you see the slow moving Goliath, you run!  The three new maps have you fighting at the side of a cliff with one base below and one above. Another has you fighting in a city, and the final is a city during the night. You play using a new mode called Assault lines but it’s just like conquest mode with no visible difference. The unlocks you get are great new things like Infantry Sonar to play with, showing all enemies in a given range.  Northern Strike is a worthwhile expansion that adds some new things to try and lets you use new unlocks in the original game too, giving you a large advantage over people with just the original game. It’s a shame the Goliath isn’t bigger though.

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