Multiplay i43 – Now Where Did All That Cash Go?

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Multiplay i43 – Now Where Did All That Cash Go?

Goodbye appropriately-named-Insomnia 43, we will miss you. Now the event has closed and nothing is left but the team to start packing up the gear and heading home, here’s a round-up of who won what, in case you weren’t paying attention.

Dignitas won the Halo Reach Tournament, which was sponsored by Multiplay, scooping up a £1,500 prize pot. Infused came in second and took £625. Maps MLG CTF5 and MLG Team Slayer were played and the tournament was too close to call right until the end.

Infused won the Heroes of Newerth Tt.eSports Tournament Final, which was no surprise since they only needed to win one round as they already had one under their belt. It was clear from early on they would win as mistakes were made on the other side. They won £2,100, with Rasta taking second and £875 and Smackdown Syndrome third and £525.

The Counter-Strike: Source Tournament was won by VeryGames, who also only needed to win one map to win, putting them in a strong position at the start of play. The two maps used were de_inferno and de_dust2. VeryGames won the knife round and chose to play as terrorists first – they did this well and were soon 6-0 up. Rivals mTw managed to plant a bomb successfully, making it 6-1. But it didn’t help, VeryGames were soon 8-1 up. At half-time, it was 11-4 and VeryGames then became the terrorists, trying hard to claw their way to the top. The score closed 16-9. VeryGames won a whopping £3,750 and 5 x Kingston HyperX 120GB SSDs, mTw got £1,500 and 5 x Kingston HyperX Max 64GB External USB 3.0 drives. BEASTS came in third place.

Merz were the Starcraft II winners, playing to a packed audience. Five maps were played MLG Metalopolis, MLG Shattered Temple, MLG Xel’Naga Caverns and MLG ICcup Testbug. Merz were clearly in control of the first map, but Fargo did their best to shake it with a final score of 3-2. The Shattered Temple map was played for over an hour. Merz won £1,750, Fargo £700 and MiTStarEagle £420.

Low Land Lions won the League of Legends World Cyber Games Final, comfortably beating back RageFace. They won £1,500, RageFace took £636 and One Night Only £375.

The Left4Dead 2 ESET Competition Final was won by Team Calypso, who defeated contenders Team Quarantine to win a goodie bag full of shiny things like anti-virus software, core i7 processors and Intel motherboards.

Epsilon won the Team Fortress 2 tournament 6-2, taking home £2,500. Infused came in second place and won £1,250 and TCM-Gaming won £900 for coming third.

TCM Gaming won the Call of Duty 4 QuietPC Tournament Final, needing only one map to claim their crown. TCM take away £1,500, Infused £750 and Fragmasters £540.

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