Seven Souls Online a new MMORPG from CR-Space

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Seven Souls Online a new MMORPG from CR-Space

Seoul, Korea – Feb.25.2010 – Seven Souls Online is an Asian-themed Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) developed by CR-Space (, a studio behind popular MMORPG DO Online. CR-Space’s third MMORPG Seven Souls Online has currently wrapped up the 2nd Closed Beta test on February 22 nd operated by NHN in Korea.

Seven Souls Online pays attention to details. The game features a variety of combat techniques such as Special Transformation Attack and Auto Buff against attacks based on Skill Combo system and Rage Gauge. Especially Combo system enables auto attack by inputting a sequence of skills.

Seven Souls Online also offers an ability to create a new item using wrecked materials or collecting resources.

Seven Souls Online features beautiful graphics and moving soundtrack as well as robust server and client environment.

For more information on Seven Souls Online, visit http://

About CR-Space

CR-Space is a leading online game developer established in 1999. Its popular game title includes DO Online, Martial Heroes, KICKOFF, and Seven Souls Online.

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