Plan-B fascinated gamers over the world

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Plan-B fascinated gamers over the world

‘Have you ever heard of a game called PlanB?’

Not like an ordinary online game, PlanB is an action online game which is on progress of global beta test while it is still in development. Thanks to its unique graphic and wild action, it has been expanding worldwide by word of mouth.

PlanB is free to play without signing up. Gamers over the world will join and play altogether in a same server with no regional restriction. As of a month past from launching the global test, many players from various countries such as Korea, China, Russia, and US are enjoying the game.

A user will choose a character from 5 such extraordinary characters as baseball player, boxer, rugby player, fireman, and rock star and play instantly. Utilizing environmental objects makes the battle much more exciting.Development team is now working on its official global site and supporting multi-languages in the game; Only Korean is available for now.

For more detail information about PlanB, visit

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