The Path – Prologue available now

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The Path – Prologue available now

It’s been just three months since the first release of Tale of Tales was published, and the title will now have a new chapter, that will set you down to its introverted psychological horror trip. "The Path – Prologue" is a free to download standalone application, and works as a trial version of the game, even though it contains some contents that will not be available in the full release.

"The Path – Prologue" is now available as a free download for Mac and PC from the offical website.

The Path is a short horror game which was inspired by Little Red Ridinghood. The player will control six sisters, the Red Girls, sent to their grandmother’s house with the explicit order to stay on the path. But it’s not like every young woman can resist the seductive allure of the dark forest along the way. In the new chapter, entitled "The Path – Prologue", you take control of the mysterious character of the "Girl in White", who goes around the forest assisting the Red Girls in their dangerous explorations.

"People who have already finished The Path will recognize some aspects of the Prologue," admit designers Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn. "It is similar to a certain part of the game. But not the same. A prologue should show what happened before the events in the story. But in this case, it may seem like it’s showing things that happened after. A mystery that will make more sense after playing the full game.

We didn’t want to simply give away part of the game as a trial. We wanted to add something to the story instead. And give everybody something new to play with, including those who have already played the full game. But it does function as a free demo for the game: it gives users a taste of the atmosphere and a means to check if their computer can run our technology."

Since its first release, which happened on 18 March, The Path was very good acclaimed, raising an high amount of praise. It was also followed by several debates about today’s indie scene, Anyway, Tale of Tales explores the artistic potential of games technology, confronting the audience with the unusual, the unsettling, the sublime.

For further information about "The Path", you can visit the official website.

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