Fireteam Reloaded: launches

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Fireteam Reloaded: launches

Austin, TX (June 11, 2008) – Fireteam Reloaded, a team-based, multiplayer action game for the PC, is now available as a free download at Developed by Pixel Mine, Fireteam Reloaded combines fast-paced sports action with intense battlefield combat while using integrated voice communication. Fireteam Reloaded is the third game to utilize the Pixel Mine Store for its micro-payment technology.

“The original Fireteam was a groundbreaking and inspirational game – and as its spiritual successor, Fireteam Reloaded aims to deliver even more fun, great characters and non-stop action to the gaming community that everyone can enjoy for free,” said David Reese, President of Pixel Mine.

The initial download of Fireteam Reloaded includes two maps, three character classes, four gameplay modes and state of the art voice chat technology, that lets players easily communicate with one another to formulate strategy and taunt their opponents. Fireteam Reloaded also features a spectator mode that lets enthusiastic fans cheer or jeer from above and even drop items into the game from their spectator viewing platform.

Fireteam Reloaded enjoyed huge success during its open beta with thousands of players establishing accounts, and comments claiming “Lots of fun to play” and “Addictive.”

Each match of Fireteam Reloaded provides ten minutes of non-stop action. According to Bill Money, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Pixel Mine, “The gameplay appeals to a massive audience of casual gamers who are looking for a quick adrenaline fix. Hardcore gamers will also find the intense action to be exhilarating and perfect for a much-needed midday shooting break.”

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