Cloud nine: Netgame Launches Open Beta

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Cloud nine: Netgame Launches Open Beta

LA, USA – 11th November 2009 – MGAME USA announced today that its fantasy MMORPG CloudNine ( will be going through Open Beta Test starting from November 25th at 6 PM PST via its online game portal site NETGAME (  

CloudNine is a fantasy MMORPG based on the conflicts between two nations; Primus Union who fights for loyalty and Ganav Libero who fights for freedom. It is the first game launched through NETGAME since the launch of FPS game OPERATION7 in 2008.

Unlike other MMORPG games available today, CloudNine features unique “Monster” systems such as Monster Transformation system, Monster Card Collection, and Monster Taming/Riding as well as introduces Class Revolve, and Seven Sign Combo, Dungeon Building system which will be available as its Open Beta Test proceeds.

Last six months, MGame USA focused on security aspects of the game for security issue was brought up as a problem in its US game operation. The company even had a separate Closed Beta just for security and anti-hack program www.

“CloudNine provides unparallel community and events so players can enjoy the game better,” said Sun M Kim, manager of MGAME USA. “We have tons of contents lined up to release. Nation War and new areas such as Kanto, Archahel and Ceres map will be available soon.”

For more information, visit
The official news:
"We thank you all for waiting for Cloud Nine! We are very happy to announce details of Cloud Nine Open Beta Schedule.
Cloud Nine Open Beta will be starting on 2009, November, 25th 6PM. (Server Time/ PST/GMT-08:00)

Official Server open will be 6:00 PM however, the game will be playable earlier than 6PM, we will open the server on 25th, 9AM for patching, and Final check for Open Beta Test, also to avoid Crowd Problems. Please prepare the client installed untill 06:00 PM to join first day of Cloud Nine icon biggrin Cloud nine: Netgame Launches Open Beta

Also, we will be distributing Faster downloads for Cloud nine on 2009, November, 23rd, 5PM, so player who have problem downloading our client with current link please prepare to download"

MGAME USA is a US subsidiary of a Korean online game publisher MGAME. MGAME USA operates an online game portal site, NETGAME and through NETGAME HERO ONLINE, SCIONS of FATE, and OPERATION7 are currently available. CloudNine will be launched on November 25, 2009

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