Portal: free to download until 20/09

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Portal: free to download until 20/09

You have two more days to download Valve’s mind-blowing puzzle for free. The generous offer is a part of  ”Learn With Portals” programme. Now, apparently Portal can be used in schools to help study science, mathematics and engineering. How does that work?

Honestly, I have no idea. Portal and its sequel are works of genius, a vision straight from the future. Videogame industry spent a long time getting worlds inside the screen to work according to the laws of Earth-like physics. And then in 2007, Portal came along and broke those laws down. It’s true that use of computer games in education has huge potential. But is this really the perfect example of that potential?

Although the game’s puzzles are original and challenging, I can’t see how skills gained in Portal would help you with your schoolwork. What those skills can do, however, is help you approach problems from an unusual angle, develop your creativity.

Let’s face it: we are still a long way away from computer games that make studying Maths fun. But as long as we can learn something useful while being entertained at the same time, Valve can advertise their games the way they want to.

Get your free Portal here.

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