Well there goes all interest I had in Aliens: Colonial Marines

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Well there goes all interest I had in Aliens: Colonial Marines

If like me you’ve been keeping an eye on the development and impending release of Aliens: Colonial Marines for a few years, you’re also probably feeling that horrible a mixture of disappointment and bile this morning, as the reviews  for the game aren’t just bad, they’re awful.

On top of that, video footage of the game makes it quite clear what everyone is being so negative about. The game looks horrible. For something made in 2013, it’s a complete shambles. On top of that though, just watch this:

If this is the first non-official footage you’ve seen of the game, I imagine you’re feeling a bit nauseous now, especially if you’re a fan of the original movies. Not only does the player from PCGamesN manage to run past every single alien in all three minutes of gameplay, with barely a scratch, but the Xenomorphs seem to completely ignore him. He strolls and strafes past what is supposed to be the universe’s number one predator. Hell, these things are supposed to give the actual Predator a run for its money and they can’t even provide even a modicum of challenge to this simple marine – who isn’t even using his gun!

As non-threatening as the Alien’s are, the whole thing is just ugly and would look more at home graphically back in the mid 2000s than it does on the eve of the next generation of consoles.

KitGuru Says: What a mess. I really was looking forward to this too. The idea of slowly creeping through a level with a coop partner, my eyes glued to the motion sensor. The growing dread. Every instance in the above video where the player is told to “take it real slow,” or to creep around, a much better solution is simply to sprint past the seemingly dumbfounded Aliens, with their truly horrific AI. I almost wish this had been cancelled. Then I wouldn’t have been so disappointed.

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  • Jonathon Maguire
    February 12, 2013
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    I feel really sorry for those who were looking forward to the release of this game, this reminds me of red faction 2 graphics wise, this is just a mess….ouch glad I wasn’t one of the consumers of this game.

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