Voice of Dungeon Keeper hired for War for the Overworld

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Voice of Dungeon Keeper hired for War for the Overworld

You may not know the name Richard Ridings, but you’d know his voice anywhere. He’s the unholy demon – well, man – that voiced the mentor from Dungeon Keeper one and two and now he’s set to voice the same sort of character in War for the Overworld, the dungeon creating, hero fighting, creature hoarding title that was heavily inspired by the Bullfrog creation.

And he sounds as gloriously evil as ever.

This is no small feat either, since the developer of WftO, Subterranean Games, managed to “unlock” his voice as part of its Kickstarter and further funding flex goals, by reaching £225,000. This is impressive considering the Kickstarter fatigue that’s begun to set in with the gaming community. Like Star Citizen before it though, Subterranean is continuing its funding after the initial campaign and has pledged further flex goals, which allow the community to choose what extra features are added if the thresholds are reached.

Some of these include a new interface to allow for controller usage. Extra campaign levels, or the addition of competitive and co-op campaigns. The most expensive goal – £75,000 – would allow for an underworld MOBA, which seems incredibly ambitious considering the type of game being created.

KitGuru Says: I’ve fired off an email to these guys asking for an interview. Here’s hoping we hear back soon. If there’s anything you guys would like asked, let me know here, on the Facebook page or at j...@kitguru.net and I’ll see what I can do.

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