Star Citizen breaks $5.5 million with six hours to go

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Star Citizen breaks $5.5 million with six hours to go

With just over six hours to go, Star Citizen, the ambitious space faring project from Chris Roberts, has now passed the $5.5 million mark, further eclipsing its initial goal of just $2 million and unlocking the next stretch goal that will see the Bengal Carrier added to the game.

The last big milestone was $5 million, which was tipped over just two hours ago – showing just how quickly the pledges for this game are still flying in. That one gave a bit more to players, offering them a companion tablet app, more community updates from Chris Roberts himself, professional voice acting for the single player portion of the game, a persistent universe with over 70 different star systems and the addition of a new base type, the Alien Derelict.

Star Citizen is a huge project with stunning visuals and projections of a universe that will be incredibly interactive, with heavy immersion and details not often seen in other space sims. Roberts has said he wants to revive the genre on the PC, the platform he believes is the only one capable of handling the type of game he wants to create.

In celebration of breaking these latest stretch goals, Roberts release a new video of how Star Citizen is coming along. It shows the creation of a space port from concept to interactive 3D environment. It already looks good and he says this isn’t representative of release aesthetics. Note also that much of the background action is missing as well as most NPCs.

Perhaps the project will hit six million before it’s done. If that’s the case, the universe will be further expanded and the game will have a full orchestral score.

Kitguru Says: You can pledge here at Kickstarter, or here at the official Star Citizen page.

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