Nvidia’s Shield streaming is pretty impressive

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Nvidia’s Shield streaming is pretty impressive

While Nvidia’s little Shield handheld console has impressive gaming capabilities when it’s Tegra 4 is doing the hard processing, it also has some game changing streaming options. Linking up with your PC will allow you to play really high end, AAA games all around your house.

In the video released by Nvidia that shows off this tech, we see “Will” from Nvidia, as part of “PC Mondays,” showing how his Shield console can hook up to his Nvidia GPU equipped PC and stream Borderlands 2 right to the little handheld. It looks pretty simple and intuitive, as well as offering an accurate representation, where everything on the Shield is being calculated on and mirrored from the PC.

It all works similarly to streaming tech like Onlive and Gaikai, but on a local scale and because of that, there’s no latency issues.

Will also describes how Nvidia have put a lot of effort into making the Shield produce very high quality sound through the built in speakers. Though no doubt serious games will want to hook up a decent headset.

Bonus points for the person that sports the most number of product placements in this video. Some of it is for Nvidia tech and some is clearly for Nvidia partners.

KitGuru Says: We’re told that in the demo they’re using a GTX 680 card, presumably to handle all the PhysX and other calculations a full tiltĀ BorderlandsĀ 2 setup needs. However, we weren’t privy to information of whether you need a high end card to handle the streaming itself.

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