Most of Black Mesa releasing in September

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Most of Black Mesa releasing in September

The source remake of Half Life, Black Mesa, is finally, nearly, almost ready for release after eight years in development. On the 14th September, players will finally re-enter the research facility and face off against head crabs and other enemies – though they’ll only be able to play up until the Lambda Core.

According to the announcement on the official forums, the developers felt that this was a “great way to provide a complete-feeling 8-10 hour experience with a solid ending.” Apparently they’re still working hard on the follow up segment Xen – which represents about a quarter of the overall gameplay experience – and the multiplayer death match component.

Those keen to get in the mood can now download the official soundtrack, using the pay what you want model. Still, you can’t quite get it for free, with the suggested prices ranging from $3 CAD, to $100 CAD.

At the moment the website is being re-done – presumably in-line with the official release of the mod, which at this point has taken over eight years of development – offering just a simple count down timer to the release day, along with links to the official Twitter, Facebook and Youtube pages.

blackmesa Most of Black Mesa releasing in September

Yes, the fans are.

KitGuru Says: Great to see this detailed mod nearly ready to see the light of day. Kudos to the 40 plus people that have been involved. While the road isn’t quite over, it’s been a long hard one.

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